In order to be accepted to the Folkwang graduate programme “Heterotopia”, applicants must formulate a draft of their individual art-, design- or research project that they wish to expand upon in their graduate degree studies and submit a digital portfolio with work samples (approximately 25 pages). Applications are welcome from graduates with a Bachelor degree in any design discipline, as well as graduates from other faculties.

Deadlines for admission for the winter semester 2017/18:
Application/submission of synopsis & portfolio (max. 8 MB): March 14-15, 2017
(in digital form)

Application interviews: Mai 15-19, 2017

Application documents (in digital form) to be submitted to:

for more information:
Examination Office for the Faculty for Design
Sonja Zenker
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183-3346
Fax.: +49 (0)201 183-2787
Room: R12 S02 H17

Folkwang University of the Arts
Universitätsstr. 12
45141 Essen, Germany

Study admission will be for the winter semester. Admission prerequisites are a Bachelor or diploma in one of the following courses of study: any design or art study courses, any humanities, social sciences, engineering sciences or associated discipline. An aptitude test will determine artistic aptitude in accordance with the required profile. As part of the admission process, each student must submit a suitable synopsis of their original artistic-academic development project.

Application and aptitude test:

Applications are to be submitted to the relevant examination office at Folkwang University of the Arts: Faculty for Design c/o University Duisburg-Essen – Essen Campus, Universitätsstr. 12, 45141 Essen, Building R12 S02 (2nd floor) corridor H in room: R12 S02 H17. Documentation in digital form are to be submitted to sonja.zenker(at)

The application must include:
_online application form for admission to the aptitude test (online application form),

_documentation of a primary university degree qualifying for professional employment in an arts or design course of study or in any humanities, social sciences, engineering sciences or associated discipline (in exceptional cases, this documentation can be submitted at a later time),

_proof of satisfactory language proficiency (applies only for study applicants, who did not complete their study qualifications at a German-speaking institution)

_a curriculum vitae in tabular form

_a suitable cover letter including a synopsis of approx. two pages (DIN A4) outlining the applicant’s own artistic/academic development project

_a digital portfolio with work samples (approximately 25 pages)

_a signed declaration that the synopsis and the portfolio are the work of the applicant.

Graduate study applicants that appear sufficiently qualifies on the basis of their submitted synopsis will be invited to take part in the aptitude test procedure. The test comprises an interview with the aptitude testing commission at the university, lasting approx. 15 minutes. Students can bring along samples of their design or text work to the interview.

Graduate study applicants, who did not complete their study qualifications at a German-speaking institution, will have to take a German language proficiency test after the aptitude examination procedure.

The aptitude test is held once a year during the summer semester for admission in the subsequent winter semester.