Studio Director: Prof. Heribert Birnbach, Prof. Hans Günter Schmitz, Prof. Dr. Phil. Bernhard Uske


IDENTITY – COMMUNICATION – SOCIETY describe the field of analysis and action in which communication design is effective in many ways: as a controlling medium on the one hand, which directly exerts its power in terms of identity, communication and society, and on the other as a mediating medium active with reciprocal reference between the three areas.

In this context, STUDIO 007 IDENTITY – COMMUNICATION – SOCIETY represents a dynamic, varied and interdisciplinary space, in which the constructive and also the destructive potential of communication design activities can be analysed and tested, beginning with the identity of the individual within the context of social formations, to brand and corporate identity and all the way to collective identity control. Communication design therefore represents momentous interventional design and action, as well as a science of observation.

IDENTITY – COMMUNICATION – SOCIETY: this polytope of divergent tensions, relationships and correspondence offers a plethora of topic areas for a masters degree, as communication design reveals itself as an open field for experimentation, as an observation post, and as a productive space of societal, communicative and identity-forming relevance.

Birnbach, Heribert (Prof.)

Typografie/Grafikdesign/Layout _E-Mail: > heribert.birnbac(at) _Tel.: +49 (0) 202_439-5150 (dienstlich) _Fax: +49 (0) 202_439-5030 Heribert Birnbach studied Visual Communication, Political Science, History and Psychology in Düsseldorf and Bonn from 1976-1982. He then worked for several years as graphic designer, art director … read more

Schmitz, Hans Günter (Prof.)

Visuelle Kommunikation _E-Mail: > hans.guenter.schmitz(at) _Tel.: +49 (0) 202_439-5021 +49 (0) 201_183-2824 (dienstlich) _Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung > Vita Studium Visuelle Kommunikation in Wuppertal, Gründer und Inhaber der Corporate Identity Agentur schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation, Mitglied der Alliance Graphique International, AGI, … read more

Uske, Bernhard (Dr. phil.)

Theorie der Bildkommunikation Lebenslauf: Bernhard Uske, Jahrgang 1952, Studium der Germanistik, Soziologie, Philosophie und Musikwissenschaft an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Staatsexamen I für das Lehramt an Gymnasien 1978, Promotion zum Dr. phil 1982 mit einer Arbeit über … read more