The module Artistic Development Project (ADP) aims to support and further develop the individual development project of each student.

The sub-module Studio encompasses all content provided via a studio. A studio is headed up by at least one professor.

Just like the sub-module Studio, the sub-module Methods, Media and Theory (MMT) is designed to further the individual development project of each student. MMT is supplements the sub-module Studio in terms of content.

The module Entrée (E) prepares students for their work in their graduate programme, serving mainly as a source for orientation.

The module Compulsory Elective Studies (W1-4) similarly aims at providing additional inspiration for the personal development project and drive it forward. In terms of content, students can freely choose any lectures from the entire spectrum of the graduate programme.

The module Institute (I 1-2) aims to supplement the Folkwang graduate programme “Design” with areas and points of view not covered to encourage discourse and diversity. It is based on independent study topics as well as on topics arising from the collaboration with the studios.

For more information: See Study plan.